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    Private bodyguards, industry analysis

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    Currently, private bodyguards yet legalized in China , but the reality is that more and more people need private bodyguard service , there are more and more people are willing to try this sounds exciting career. "Two sessions" this year , as the hope of the CPPCC National Committee president Mr Liu in an interview with reporters , they admit that they hired private bodyguards. A group of people get rich first focus on their own safety , the objective is to provide a space for the survival of private bodyguard. "Bodyguard " is called in English "bodyguard", literally , "body" is the body , "guard" is to protect , guard mean , taken together, it is meant to defend the physical safety ; ancient Chinese also been " bodyguard , " the term refers also to provide protection of life and property of people of rich merchants , of course, if the person was pregnant with martial arts . Private bodyguard Western countries have formed a considerable market and scale , are a normal , legitimate career. In China , though not his personal bodyguard public and legitimate " birthright " , but in recent years , the rapid increase in market demand and expanding private bodyguard has caused various aspects of attention. Private behavior " Personal bodyguard" , a well-known film director, a Beijing reporter to interview , immediately expressed no knowledge in this regard . "Do not interview me, I know nothing ." However , according to the reporter, he hired two bodyguards on perennial , has been accompanied by an assistant and secretary at his side . A friend of the entertainment industry , told reporters that even if the circle of people have bodyguards , and most are not known to outsiders , basically as assistants and secretaries appear. In addition, most corporate executives are reticent on this issue , do not want to talk about. Of course , there are some of those interviewed said that does not matter , they are also very interested in this topic , and are willing to say a few words . Operating materials and ceramics Anke Tangshan company 's chairman, perennial and from all over the Northeast and North China , she frankly told reporters: . " Well publicly disclosed , but also act as a deterrent with bodyguards as " other located in Beijing , Yang concurrently trade and advertising boss believes that the bodyguard is also a status symbol , " your side if not a few bodyguards, people still look down on it ." According to the reporter , most people are still reluctant to open . When the reporter who interviewed repeatedly promised not to tell the outside world their true Later, they carefully and selectively answered some questions from reporters . Their bodyguards outside the company 's identity is generally various types of employees , and do not use your real name, usually also not allowed to go out and contact with other people . Heilongjiang Liu believes a star hotel , is to hire bodyguards to protect the personal safety , but also conservative privacy , disclosure is likely to lead to other troublesome words . Business Scope Beijing " ** Century" information consulting company in private bodyguards did not openly mentioned , but in fact they also offer this service in private , the company vice president , said Luo , bodyguards they provide the basic requirement is that the "three guarantees "that is, confidentiality, security , keep calm and silent, the only way to provide good service for employers bodyguard . Meanwhile, the company also requires employers bodyguards after expiry of the contract , even if they are no longer hiring bodyguards , bodyguards who must be kept confidential . "The main fear is the fear of the situation one is exposed to the identity and bodyguards ; Second is to hire a bodyguard after all, the law still does not provide a private act , in other words , the current occupation has not legality ." A Beijing law firm Zhang said the lawyer , issues related to private security guards brought a lot like this there is no legal basis for labor relations , so the problem can not be resolved through legal channels ; another example, there are many private bodyguards to carry guns , knives , causing many social problems. Authorities issued an urgent need for appropriate legislation and measures for effective management . Loyalty and dangerous " If the boss in danger, you may be faced with death , you will be desperate to defend the boss? Such as the hands of the other side with a gun ? " 23 -year-old Liu from rural areas of Henan , after graduating from the martial arts school , was introduced in a surname Chen's real estate company executives men worked more than a year bodyguards. When you hear a reporter's question , he seemed hesitant . "Maybe , " he said, "but honestly, to really encounter danger, I do not think for themselves , parents have to consider , after all , I still make money out of the mix ." Reporter asked him if he encountered such a situation, he said that there are few more dangerous , will move the knife , we have more people , then did not think too much , simply protect the boss. Also suffered several minor injuries , he pointed to a small arm of a narrow scar that there is a time to Zhuhai with the boss axed . But have not encountered a gun thing. After retiring from the army , a car sales company in Shanghai salesman Wu Feng told reporters that one of his friends went to Guangdong for bodyguards in 99 years , "because not work , try their luck ran it. Did a year and is underworld looking to do something , unloaded the others an arm. later in the first fights , was shot and killed , their bodies never found . " Since the choice of bodyguards this career , it is destined to be accompanied with danger. "Bodyguard indeed have a higher than average risk occupation , but also learn a lot along with the boss , head, face contact with many people there , if the dry well , the boss will get reused ." Person who has done bodyguard said, " bodyguard also learn to keep a secret , do not ask do not ask , do own their own work ." A bodyguard has done more than three years of industry sources said , a qualified bodyguard skill is important, but more important is loyalty to the boss . The bodyguard 's reliability is precisely one of the most problem for many owners to consider when you hire a bodyguard . "I have a friend come across this thing," Mr. Wu said that doing business in the South , his friends hired a bodyguard , eventually almost to his friend to death . "That kid who collaborated on the outside of the underworld , his possessions swept away whole , but fortunately left him Mania ." It seems that there are certain unwritten bodyguards line regulation . However, if the boss asks bodyguard to do criminal things how to do it ? When loyalty and justice, law conflict how to do ? "Sometimes it is beyond our control , " an insider said, many employers are now also the thugs as his bodyguards , and even told them to " do something ", that is to kill or knives to injure . Some bodyguards entrants may only defend the security of the job, " but often walk by the river , it is inevitable not wet feet, some employers do have a triad background , bodyguard course also inevitable ." He said of his a friend of mine , is to help the boss was sentenced to 10 years knives to injure , " is still inside alone , although the boss gave him a large sum of compensation for the family ." Liu said he did not intend to dry for too long , and so do the two years , and then earn some money, marry a wife back home , do some business . " I also have nothing to do this work before the Who does not know the danger Yeah, I heard that a certain bodyguard was often waste , there 's a lot to be caught inside ." He said , in the future or to find a secure thing to do .